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    Learn more about my work in progress, a young adult mystery inspired by Alfred Hitchock's REAR WINDOW.

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    about my book

    WINDOW GAMES takes place at prestigious performing arts high school in the scenic ski village in the Rocky Mountains. Complete at 81K words, this standalone novel with series potential will appeal to fans of TRULY DEVIOUS and THE CHEERLEADERS.


  • this book is for those who love...


    Did a crime even happen?


    Bring on the snappy dialogue and subtext!


    Flashback to understand the present.


    Where is this little one's owner?

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    brief synopsis

    Luck has run out for prep-school ballerina, Fallon Hayes. First, she fumbles her Nutcracker audition, then her best friend suddenly moves across the country. Fallon assumes her senior year is ruined…but she never dreams it will turn deadly.


    The quaint ski village of Everspring, Colorado may be a picturesque tourist destination, but there are secrets simmering below the charming facade. Fallon's fellow yearbook club member, Alex Redmond, is a true crime addict convinced foul play is afoot in the condo complex across from their school. With floor-to-ceiling windows, the building is a proverbial fish bowl—and the lives of its residents are the yearbook club’s guilty pleasure “reality show.”


    Fallon laughs off Alex’s theories until the woman in 2B goes missing. The ragtag group of yearbook club members are quick to investigate her disappearance. But instead of finding the woman, they find one of their own brutally murdered.


    When the police overlook key clues, the amateur sleuths must kick their investigation into high gear. After hitting some dead ends, they start a true crime YouTube channel to bring in new leads. As the tips roll in, Fallon narrows in on the killer, as well as the shocking reason why her best friend left town for good. 

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    Other projects:



    (Rom com)

    Summer camp adventure featuring two thrown-aside teens in techy vs. non-tech camps who team up to break up a couple, but end up falling for each other.


    about me

    Let's keep this short and sweet! Here's what you may like to know:

    • I'm a Colorado native, currently based out of Centennial, just south of Denver
    • I have BA in English with a minor in writing from the University of Northern Colorado
    • As a graduate student, I served as an associate editor for New Mexico State University’s literary magazine, Puerto del Sol
    • I was lucky enough to attend the Big Sur Children’s Writer’s Workshop



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    2017 mentee

    (writing as Julia Miller)

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  • contact

    For acquisition inquiries, please contact my agent, Hannah Andrade, at Bradford Literary Agency.

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